Snowflake Junco.

use this Junco with snowflake wm

This Junco didn’t seem to mind having a snowflake resting under it’s eye. I love these little birds and I only get to see them in the fall and winter.

Guess what these little birds are nicknamed? Snowbirds!
Huge numbers of these birds migrate south to the United States in the winter from Canada and Alaska.
A lot of you know that the folks that flock to Florida in the winter are also called snowbirds!  

17 thoughts on “Snowflake Junco.

    1. Ik vraag me af of ze het gevoel hebben dat de menselijke sneeuwvogels doen als ze de warmte van Florida bereiken? Tijd om shorts en slippers aan te trekken!


  1. We have a lot of these juncos here. For sure I’ve heard of the people who are snowbirds, but I’ve never heard of juncos being called snowbirds. So I’ve learned something new. Nice closeup of this one. Your camera must be amazing. The photographer too, of course!


    1. I didn’t know that they were nicknamed that either! I have a camera that I absolutely love, a Nikon D500.


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