I finally did something right!

I found birdseed and then a bird feeder to put the birdseed in, that the bluebirds like.

Look at those wings wm DSC_0269

They’ve ignored my feeders for YEARS, so this is cause for celebration. At this very moment I am dressed all in blue and wearing reddish-brown nail polish whilst chewing on sunflower seeds and very dry unsalted peanuts. 

Look at that forom wm DSC_0267

12 thoughts on “I finally did something right!

  1. I love the bluebirds and used to have them here and fed them mealworms. They had their babies here a few years but now the sparrows have chased them away and took over their bird house. Hope they come back. Till then I’ll enjoy your pictures. Thanks😍

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    1. I’m so glad that you enjoy the pictures. I had heard that sparrows are a problem,home stealing is NOT nice! I hope someday to see babies, that would be such a treat!


    1. I buy a blend called “No Mess”. It consists of coarse sunflower chips, medium sunflower chips, hulled millet and peanut pieces. I do find that the millet is usually left behind.
      I had seven in a small feeder this morning going crazy for the food.

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      1. I don’t know why they put millet in (for filler, of course). It’s the seed the birds like least. But the other things sound good. A friend once told me that when he added sunflower seeds to the regular birdseed mix, he got a lot more birds coming to his feeder, so I’ve been doing that too, and it did make a difference. I buy the regular birdseed from Costco and add a bag of sunflower seeds (birdseed kind, not the salted Spitz!) and the birds love it. But I’ll keep my eyes open for “No Mess.” I like the sound of it.


        1. The mix that you make sounds good, No mess can be a little expensive…the thing that I wonder about with it, is that the bird seed guy says no weeds will grow if it falls on the ground.

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              1. The sunflowers certainly made a difference. And the squirrels like them a lot, so be forewarned if you don’t want the squirrels to be there. (Just send them to me.)


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