When the birds disappear, I know who’s here.

The Coopers Hawk was back yesterday which explained why all of the birds had disappeared, the crows AND the blue jays were making a racket scolding this raptor. Please forgive some of the blur, I get too excited and just snap away and the winged beauty was just about out of reach.2nd angry blue jay and hawk DSC_9272

8 thoughts on “When the birds disappear, I know who’s here.

    1. Sono costantemente sorpreso da quanto siano belli gli uccelli. Sono contento che ti siano piaciute le immagini!


  1. I used to hate it when the hawks showed up. We’ve had some very graphic murders right outside the window while we were watching. I don’t feed the birds much anymore, but we used to run outside and chase the hawks away. Just too realistic for me. Gruesome things.


    1. Predator with a capital P. They scare me and I don’t like them lurking here. I’ve found that clicking away with the camera, causing the shutter to blink like a big eye, scares them away.

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