So this happened. TURKEY TROUBLE!

Things were going so well and then suddenly they weren’t in TurkeyLand,

Every morning the turkeys come marching through the woods and cross our property headed North. Most of the time it’s a peaceful, many times entertaining event.

This morning for some reason things were tense and hopefully one of you turkey experts out there can tell me what was going on. 

The second half of this video makes me think of when giraffes fight with each other, wrapping their necks around each other. If you can help me solve the mystery, please do.

The clarity of this video is terrible, my apologies. I haven’t replaced my tripod yet and holding a heavy camera and long lens is definitely not ideal.


6 thoughts on “So this happened. TURKEY TROUBLE!

  1. It seems pretty clear that the two toms (the larger ones with the bluish heads) are dueling out out, posturing and maybe partially using their spurs to intimidate each other and impress the hen. She seems quite interested in the outcome.


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