Into the New Year we go.

I hope you all had very happy holidays, it seems like they came and went in a hurry.

We did get an unexpected visitor on Christmas day. We have NEVER seen this in the woods, NEVER! I know that they are in the state, but this was the most amazing Christmas gift. AN EAGLE!!!!

use this DSC_6254 Christmas Eagle_

The close up is not sharp at all, but I was using a shorter lens and as you can see in the image below, the eagle was quite a distance away. I was zoomed out to 300mm and this still makes it look closer than it actually was. If not for the sharp eyes of my son, who called out to all of us circling the dessert table that there was an eagle in the trees, we would have missed it entirely!

DSC_6250 Eagle watching the river wm


22 thoughts on “Into the New Year we go.

  1. Whaaaaaaaat????? Ohmygosh!!! I am so excited for you!!! Apparantly we have bald eagles at the lake by our house but I have not seen one YET. When I do you will hear me shriek. The most excitement I’ve had so far with bird sightings was a gigantic flock of geese in the sky, honking and everything, and then a very small owl on my window sill one night. An eagle would be a dream! Thank goodness for your EAGLE-eye son!


  2. Happy New Year, Suzanne … and best wishes for a wonderful 2020. Just read an article about bald eagles in northern Ohio … (but I have seen one in SW Ohio). Cheers to your giddiness for getting to see them!


    1. LOL, thank you Frank. I wish you all the best in 2020 and beyond. I know you’re moving forward in a different direction and I know your enthusiasm for life will take you to amazing places and people.

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  3. I would get just as excited if I saw a cardinal here. I’ve never seen a live one, and yet we get eagles nesting in the trees right close by our house. What I’m trying to say is I understand what a thrill it is for you to see an eagle, when I imagine how I’d feel if I saw a cardinal.


    1. LOL! I totally understand! We’ve been seeing a LOT of cardinals, I can’t imagine seeing eagles often. We all have our little gifts from nature, don’t we?

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