Ah love,so fickle,so fleeting.


From the moment this squirrel found the birdseed, you could tell it was LOVE. You can even see the squirrel kissing the bird feeder, such a romantic.

Being in love and winning over the one you love isn’t always possible. This squirrel tried and tried to get some acknowledgement from the birdseed but it wouldn’t even throw it a crumb.

Eventually, things deteriorated as these things do. The love the squirrel had for the seed diminished through frustration and all that was left was some half-hearted screaming.

6 thoughts on “Ah love,so fickle,so fleeting.

    1. Ja, hij is terug !! Ik hoop dat ik de kans krijg om meer foto’s van hem te maken. Bedankt voor het mooie compliment!


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