Cooper’s Hawk

Well this is something I don’t see every day, a Cooper’s Hawk!

Peregrine falcon wm

There wasn’t much bird activity on the day that this hawk made an appearance. The lack of birds is usually a sign that a predator of some sort is nearby. I resigned myself to the fact that there wasn’t going to be much to photograph after the hawk zoomed away, but hey, I’d gotten a shot of a Cooper’s hawk!!


12 thoughts on “Cooper’s Hawk

      1. A lot of the little sparrow types, robins, starlings, warblers, juncos (although some of them stay behind to winter here). I know some of the robins, juncos, towhees,and chickadees stay here over the winter. Even the rare hummingbird stays for the winter. I know because I feel so sorry for them at the harshest times.


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