Add them to your list.

Doves…not always the first bird to come to mind when naming gorgeous birds. They  are, however, exquisite. Yes, they waddle, but when they fly they are the epitome of streamlined aircraft. Just look at the beauty of the wings, so many colors, highlights and shadows. 

DSC_7433 5 Gorgeous dove wm

The male dove is also a romantic,a poet, irresistible as far as the ladies are concerned.

I adore you wm

If only they didn’t monopolize the bird feeder.



9 thoughts on “Add them to your list.

    1. Good for you for waiting for the turtle dove to cross! It’s wonderful that the love for birds has been passed on in your family.


  1. Great photos! We are feeding birds at wintertime and we have had pidgeon problems. They were s(h)itting in our TV antenna at the roof. The last thing we tried to make them sit somewhere else, was an orange rake on the top of ladders to the roof. It worked.


    1. I’m trying little feeders that don’t have a big enough “perch” for them. We’ll see if it works, but I suspect they’ll find a way around it.

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