The list of two.

DSC_1610 Hummingbird wm

HUMMINGBIRDS!!  A few hummingbirds have become regular visitors and of course, I’ve become a little obsessed. You may have to ignore me at some point, because there will be more photos…because I’m out of control.


I’m learning a lot about these delicate birds, ONE of which is the fact that they can be territorial. I’ve seen videos before of lots of hummingbirds enjoying the feeders together, but the first one that found my feeder has a firm policy of NO SHARING.

DSC_9932 hummingbird wm

TWO…The hummingbirds little wings are truly amazing. During migration, a hummingbird’s wings flap 15 to 80 times a second.

poetry in motion

DSC_9932 cropped hummingbird wm

I’m looking forward to just a little more time with the hummingbirds, because soon their migration will begin.

DSC_2153 Hummingbird 2 wms

Now don’t say I didn’t warn you, I have a few more images to share…so brace yourselves.



7 thoughts on “The list of two.

  1. Interesting angles on some of the shots. I really like them. BTW, I’ve never encountered hummers sharing my feeder. I think there must be some special “truce” drug photographers use to get those multiple-bird shots…


    1. I hesitated to post a few of the shots, but it seems you always see the same angle over and over. I’ve got a few shots of a hummingbird resting on a branch that will get posted soon.
      Do you suppose there are humming-bird whisperers that make them get along?

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  2. These are incredible! Amazing work. I love when I’m out in the yard and these little guys get annoyed with me and start dive bombing and buzzing me. Such a big temper from such little birds, haha. Looking forward to more of these!


    1. Thank you so much! I’m just getting used to the sound of a hummingbird, “humming” close by. I’m always surprised at how curious they are and you’re right, they let you know just how they’re feeling, lol!

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