Winging it.

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Isn’t this male bluebird pretty?

The beautiful wings are like a cape  and everything says, “elegant.”

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Then we have the mourning dove, clumsy on the branch ,built like a tank, it’s wings are beautiful in flight. When I see it next to a bluebird, I wonder how it even gets off the ground, but the answer stares me right in the face. Look at those massive wings!

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14 thoughts on “Winging it.

  1. I’ve so rarely seen bluebirds. Never lived in the right places, I guess. But I love the doves. Sadly, the mourning doves here have just about been driven out by the collared doves. The latter don’t sound as nice and are not the doves of my childhood.


    1. Well first of all, I’d send you a bluebird if I could but I don’t think the post office would approve. They do have the most interesting ‘voice’ and I love it, but they also tend to ‘hog’ the feeders and scare the little birds away.


  2. Mourning doves are indeed clumsy on the branch. They build clumsy nests too, which often fall right out of the trees in just a little bit of wind. Too bad, because they really are lovely and loving birds.


    1. I’ve never seen one of their nests! I can only imagine, lol…they do groom themselves carefully, I can at least give them credit for that.


      1. At my house they took over a sturdy robin’s nest so they wouldn’t have to fumble around building their own. I did see one of their earlier construction projects get blown away.


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