When does the fun start?

done ice cream and pills

I do believe I need a vacation…although we did just come back from Montana where we visited our son and daughter-in-law.

I was not thinking things through when I scheduled with the oral surgeon for extractions within days of getting home from our trip. To be fair, I waited several months longer to get this done because our other son and then our daughter, were getting married.

Last Friday on the 23rd, the big day arrived…my husband drove me to my appt. and then came the happy news, the oral surgeon advised me that I was going to have to have SIX teeth extracted instead of four and a bone graft.

The image above pretty much sums up what my activities have been since Friday. I didn’t have a container of mashed potatoes or I would have photographed them too.

I’m not sure that I’m enjoying this whole experience.


18 thoughts on “When does the fun start?

    1. The pain meds haven’t been able to control things very well…it’s been a LONGGGG six days. I had no idea it would be like this.


  1. I had 6 new crowns this week. I hate them. Too high. Can’t close my mouth properly. They will all have to be redone. Cost me $14K. You have my sympathy. My husband needs $28K of dental work. Takes all my retirement money.


    1. You made me gasp out loud! I’m sooooooo sorry that your dental work was done wrong! The expense is terrible isn’t it? My husband goes to the dentist today and we’ll find out what he needs to have done…grim.


  2. You need a dentist like mine. He’s wonderful. He’s so good that after a root canal I would have put up with it all over again if he said I needed it. Shall I send you his number?


  3. Sounds like my worst nightmare (as I hate going to the dentist since a fluoride treatment made me very ill).


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