Groundhog morning

All spring and summer I’ve been watching a pair of groundhog siblings roam the yard, nibbling on choice blades of grass and most often, yummy weeds.

On this particular morning I was lucky to catch the pair as they wandered out of the woods, damp from the rain that we’d had overnight.

0001 position 2 Isn't it a beautiful day? (39 of 1)


A handy tree stump provided a place to dry out.9930-2 Groundhog siblings wm (39 of 1)

I know these little critters can be a nuisance, but when they go about their daily life…

9965 wm snuggled up

They’re just adorable.9982 shhhhhh someone's sleeping wm

14 thoughts on “Groundhog morning

  1. They look so cute, and they have a cute name in Finnish murmeli. U pronounced like o in a word put, e like in a word let. In the last photo it is watching you, a friend or an enemy.


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