Finally, fresh leafy greens.

I wonder how the deer feel when spring arrives,the trees unfurl their leaves and suddenly they have fresh, fresh, fresh food?New Mother eats tasty leaves wm


This buck worked it’s way into the Phlox and honeysuckle bushes, it later told me it was trying to find the most nutrient dense leaves and complained that mother nature had stocked them “way at the back of the ‘shelves.'”  I don’t know why he was complaining, he was tall and he had a longer neck than I do…if that was my food source, I would starve to death because of my short neck…no way could I reach that high.

5872 2 wmsyoung buck vertical

5883 Young buck wm (39 of 1)

14 thoughts on “Finally, fresh leafy greens.

    1. I wish a fence would work for us…you’re sooooo lucky! The deer are eating our new rose bushes, the turkeys are eating all or our grass seed. I think we may have to build a dome over our yard!

      1. At first I just had the Captain build a “compound” with high deer fence and I put all my fruit trees and rose bushes and deer-attracting plants inside, but then the clincher was when the neighbourhood became a popular dog walk and people let their dogs run all over the place. THAT was what threatened to ruin my gardening efforts more than the deer, and we ended up fencing the whole acre. A high fence!

        1. Oh my gosh! How annoying that must have been. A whole acre is quite an accomplishment, but it must be nice to not have to worry about intruders anymore.

          1. When the deer were coming into the yard I was frustrated until I got my compound, but when the neighbourhood (and some from very far afield) dogs ran through the yard, I was so angry I couldn’t even bother to try to make the yard nice. Also, our own dogs couldn’t be in our yard without confrontations. Well, things change, so we had to change too. The big fence all around is a godsend.

            1. It sounds like a really rough situation until you got the fence up. Having your own dogs confronted in their OWN yard would make me angry too!

                1. I’m glad the fence stopped your problems. We have a new scary problem around here. We just heard that coyotes killed a full grown German Shepherd. If I had any dogs I’d have a great big fence, you can believe that!

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