The Finch that was kissed by the sun.

2303 final done purple or house finch 2wms

Once upon a time when, the sun used to shine, a little finch stopped by for a bite to eat. 

I have freckles, and the saying used to be that meant that you’d been, “kissed by the sun.” The way that the sun is shining on this sweet little bird reminded me of that saying.

Wishing you sunshine and warm weather, wherever you may be.


15 thoughts on “The Finch that was kissed by the sun.

  1. Great capture! I love these finch in our feeder.

    That is so awful about your lens!!! I, too, hope the insurance covers it.


    1. I agree! I on the other hand, was kissed by a sledgehammer. My tripod went over and I just broke my 200-500mm lens…this is a BADDDDD day. Hopefully insurance will cover it. 😦

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