Alright, I need a team. A team of you to order me around. I may even make buttons that say Team London…or Team Suzie, and I could send you one… I can’t pay you for your help, or credit you in the book, or babysit your dog, you’ll be volunteers, I hope that’s not a problem.


I’ve written a LOT of the sequel to Stiletto, but I just can’t get myself to sit down and put pen to paper. 




Yardim  edin!


You need to be like those people on the reality shows that yell at people and make them roll big boulders up a hill!

You need to threaten to take chocolate away from every store in a fifty mile radius of my home.

I’ll give you a little idea of what the book is about…

There’s LOVE and LAS VEGAS




So come on! Push me up that hill!

(I’ll look into having buttons made.)


29 thoughts on “YOU GOTTA HELP ME!

      1. I know that feeling and it all to easy to say relax but less easy to do in reality. A writer said to me once ..just walk away – you will come back to it refreshed 🙂


        1. Sound advice…thanks for helping to shine a little light on my path. I get so focused on a problem like this, that I can’t see any other paths to walk. Thanks again!


  1. Your animal friends are going to leave and never come back for fun photo ops unless you get your ass in gear and get that book finished young lady!!! And…..they are taking all the chocolate with them!!! If you finish this new book in a timely fashion, I vow to send you a package full of chocolate (if you provide me with your address LOL).


    1. Oh no!!!!! I can’t lose the little creatures, especially if they take my chocolate. Wait a minute…YOU HAVE A BAG OF CHOCOLATE???


  2. This is a dreadful threat. If you don’t get with it and keep the process chugging I am going to . . .
    (You do realise that the unmentioned is FAR worse than anything you could possibly imagine?)


  3. I absolutely loved Stiletto as much as I did meeting u at the Women’s Expo a few years ago.m, when u signed my book. So I will be willing to do whatever is necessary to help motivate you to finish the sequel that I have been patiently waiting for. I also enjoy the pictures u share from you window.,

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    1. Thank you Jan! I’m glad you enjoy the pictures and I promise to get out of my chair right now and pull out my folders…and possibly stare at them a while. You ARE helping!


  4. I am not afraid to yell at you!!! I need to read the next book and I need to read it ASAP! It seems to me you have kept me waiting long enough. I am a patient person but my patience is about to run out. Now, get your butt in gear and write the rest of the book! Now!

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    1. WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      You have missed your calling! You should be on reality tv…I am going to get up from my desk and pull out the manuscript folders. I will put them on my desk and see what happens. Thank You!!!

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  5. I know the feeling. My method was to write one sentence. Just one. Then another sentence followed, and of course I had to write another after that. You see a pattern developing?


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