Can you hear me fuming?

DSC_1698 getting ready to jump 2 wms

The weather here has been an absolute delight. Yesterday, it poured down rain the entire day and then by 7pm, it was snowing. A few days of warm weather had seemed so promising. But enough about the weather. 

I took this picture a little while back, but it sums up my frustration. Two days ago, I was happy with my bird feeding station. Then I glanced out the window to see a squirrel fling himself to the top of the baffle, where he proceeded to twist his body into a pretzel shape that allowed him to leverage himself up onto the feeding tray. The baffle was supposed to prevent that kind of gymnastic endeavor.

I spent a freezing half  hour outside, completely reconfiguring things and I’m sure that tomorrow, the squirrel will shoot itself out of a cannon and magically land on the feeding tray. Which will really stink because besides a frozen face, I got a metal splinter in my thumb trying to outsmart a creature that is smaller than our cat.


17 thoughts on “Can you hear me fuming?

  1. I believe that North American grey squirrels are among the most intelligent animals on the planet. I’m not sure about fox or red squirrels, but they seem pretty clever as well. Squirrels in general are some of my favorite animals to watch, although I don’t have a feeding station for them to raid. My feelings might be different if I did.

    1. The pine squirrel is another exceedingly clever member of the ‘family’. I once turned around and saw one sitting on the back of a chair IN MY HOUSE!

  2. Never underestimate the resourcefulness of a squirrel with ambitions to be a flying squirrel, and to eat the appropriate diet in furtherance of that aim.

    1. I have to agree. The thing that really is the icing on the cake…the squirrel will turn and stare right at me and then perform it’s assault on the feeder.

    1. Op dit punt denk ik dat ik me moet overgeven. Ik heb alles geprobeerd wat ik kan bedenken. Squirrelly wint!

  3. Just be thankful your squirrel is cute. Many years ago, I was frustrated by a rat stealing from the bird seed bowl.
    Ate the whole damn lot (and I have a photo of the little critter hard at work demolishing the bird seed ring to prove it was the culprit) 🙂

    1. Ewwwwwwwwwww!! Okay, I may see the squirrel in a different light after reading this, lol!

  4. Oh … let the squirrel have a bit of food. But they do get greedy, don’t they? Maybe what you need is two guard dogs like I have. They can’t get at the feeder but they can send terrifying looks to intruders.

    1. I would LOVE two dogs! I miss my little Max sooo much and having that sense of security would be so nice. I’m the only one who can deliver terrifying looks at the moment. Husband is totally against it because he wants to travel every so often, but….

        1. I know…we still have Oliver the cat and I hate to leave him, although our daughter will check in on him.

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