12 thoughts on “Oh but they DO fly!

    1. On the nights that it’s VERY windy, we don’t see them up in the trees and I find myself hoping that they have a safe place to sleep.

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        1. See, now on windy nights you’ll be trying to sleep and you won’t be able to. You’ll be wondering where the turkeys are bedded down.

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          1. I already can’t sleep on windy nights. If it’s summer and the Captain is away, I wonder if the sea is extra rough on windy days/nights, and if it’s REALLY windy, I wonder if the big firs near my house are going to land on my roof. Now, with the turkeys, I have yet another thing to worry about. Oh dear, oh dear! (Wrings hands and moans.)


            1. Don’t you worry about the turkeys, they’re ninja turkeys…they offered to come your way to hold up the firs on really windy nights. (I’m not sure how they’d do that considering the fact that they don’t have hands), but the ways of the ninja are a mystery.
              They haven’t offered to go to sea with the Captain, something about seasickness was mentioned.

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