It could have been tissues.

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Hello from the land of cold #5. 

Cold #5 is not somewhere that you want to visit. It’s full of coughing and stuffy noses and swollen air ways and swollen lymph nodes. It’s the land of ,”Tom Selleck could come knocking at my front door and I wouldn’t even bother to comb my hair or change out of my sweat pants.”

Something happens to your sense of humor in the land of cold #5, it runs away screaming and threatens to NEVER, EVER, come back. 

I have a feeling a LOT of you have been taking this journey this winter and you have my sympathy. Here are my recommendations for dealing with your symptoms.               

Build yourself a nest of blankets on your bed, pretend you’re a squirrel,curl up in it and stay there.

Find a sympathetic pet and tell them your troubles as the mountain of tissues grows beside you. Don’t pick a dog for this remedy…they get disgusting around tissues.

Pull a little table next to your bed, then pile cough drops, tissues,a steam inhaler thingy, your laptop, tissues, your headphones, your phone, your chargers for your phone and headphone, tissues, bottles of water, crackers, applesauce, a spoon, tissues, chapstick, earrings, (in case Tom Selleck really does stop by), and piece of chocolate that you won’t eat, BECAUSE YOU’RE SICK.

In closing…I posted the image of the female cardinals because they aren’t tissues, nobody really wants to see a picture of tissues.




24 thoughts on “It could have been tissues.

    1. Thank you my friend, I’m doing a much better job of resting and eating well, so that should help somewhat. I am glad to be back blogging!

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              1. No, I watched now in your replies, it was amazing, how I missed this news. Thank you dear, you are so nice, I hope you feel better. Love, nia


      1. sorry I saw now in here, Thank you, I haven’t seen this before, so lovely, and unbelievable too. Love, nia


  1. Hope you get well soon. I don’t remember when I cought coled last time ? — I think 1990. I’m taking all the measure not to pick up them.
    Wash everything, face,nose(inside), throat when I came back from outside or met, talked with anyone —. So, I don’t have any pill nor ever took flu jab kind. (Better not go to see doctor = it’s a nest of germ even a chemist where all illness congligates.) And eat well, instead of chocolate. 😀


    1. You’ve done a very good job of taking care of yourself! Washing up so thoroughly is a very good practice, one I’m going to try. I’ve realized that my eating habits need an overhaul and I’m taking it very seriously.

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      1. When you wash those, better do it out of others eye. For nose, take a water in your both hand and suck them into the nose (right amount) then blow them out = 3 times. Throat, gurgle and spit twice — wash the mouth in the same time. —– you might be realized that what kind of dirt you blow out = So, clean the sink after !


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