So it decided to be winter.

dsc_5708 2 wm grape squirrel

Our snowfall wasn’t just a fluke…we’ve had little bits of snow floating through the air the past few days and the temperatures have DROPPED! It was five degrees Fahrenheit this morning. 

I have to admit that I’m getting my information from a new weatherman in the area. Dave the Squirrel, weatherman extraordinaire, is giving me regular updates. He’s been very accurate so far, we shall see if that continues.

dsc_5710 grapevine squirrel 2 wm

6 thoughts on “So it decided to be winter.

    1. Ze zijn zo interessant dat ze de sneeuw niet te erg lijken te vinden. Ik geef ze graag kleine snoepjes waarmee ze hun buik vol kunnen houden.


    1. Thanks! Yes, when the snow is on the ground for a long time, they do have to work harder to find food. I’ve been watching them flit through the bushes, and if there’s any bare ground underneath, they’re definitely hunting in that spot.

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