The blustery day.

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I find myself wondering if birds get really chilly on winter, windy days.

I know their feathers keep them warm, but when the wind lifts them up and away from their bodies, the cold wind must send a chill through them.

I was trying to recreate their experience by walking up and down the driveway and flapping my coat open and shut and I definitely was colder than I would have normally been. If you live in a cold climate, you can try the same experiment. Make sure to wear clothes under your coat…we don’t want to read about you in the newspaper.


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    1. We moeten de vogels goed voederen zodat ze geen krachten verspelen door op zoek en op zoek te gaan naar voeding.Goede voeding maakt hen sterker en zo komen ze de winter door.


  1. No way! I’m not flapping my wings outside – too cold, too snowy. I’m staying inside with my wings wrapped around my body to keep me warm. No flying for this bird until the warm temps return 😁. Great pic by the way!!


  2. I often watch the sea birds in windy weather, I’m fairly sure they are enjoying themselves, they climb and struggle against the wind, then turn and fly with incredible speed, lol tuts clothes under your coat takes all the fun out of it 😁


    1. Thank you!! Many times I’ve wondered on cold, “snowstorm nights”, how they are getting through it all. brrrrrrrr.


    1. HA! Rein in that imagination girl! We had a get together for my husband’s office Friday night and friends who have been used to my old “window into the woods”, really liked the big windows. I told them that when it snows, I feel like I’m sitting in a snow globe and someone had the “brilliant” suggestion that I put a camera outside the window looking in at me. They all thought that was just hilarious…I should have informed them that I am a rare and reclusive bird that doesn’t appreciate being photographed.

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