14 thoughts on “I kid you not.

      1. You post lovely photos but they are so small. There’s an easy way to add a link so when clicked on they can be viewed larger. Sorry if I was so brief. I mean to be helpful not pushy 🙄

        1. Sorry for the slow response, I hope you weren’t offended when I wrote”yes ma’am”, I intended for it to be a light-hearted, silly response 🙂. ( I then proceeded to cut myself preparing the carrots I mentioned and forgot to ask you how to make enlargement for the reader possible.) Where would I find this? Thanks so much, Suzanne

          1. After inserting a single image there is a link symbol you can click on while in edit mode and if that is activated it will open the image larger. WP has several ways this can be done so it depends what editor you are using. If you can’t figyure it out go to help in WP. I pay WP for my site and get unlimited support.

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