10 thoughts on “Early morning visitors!

    1. I feel lucky…but…almost two weeks ago when I had to meet someone at the house, before it was finished, I had a traumatic day. A bow and arrow deer hunter put up one of those big, tall tree/deer hunting stands, just on the other side of the river. Now when I look out of the south face window of my studio…that’s what I see, not very far from the house. Let’s just say I pushed my way through bramble and poison ivy to get down to the river. From there I proceeded to beg him to move it just enough that I wouldn’t have to look at it. I also cried my eyes out while I tried to reason with him. It’s not our property, so there’s nothing we can do about it. I had just allowed myself to be over the moon happy with our new home and I look out the window and see him with two buddies, cutting down branches to make a clearing.
      I think he may have moved it so that I don’t see the bottom of the ladder, but I get to see whoever is perched up there waiting to kill these beautiful creatures.


      1. Oh no! That’s horrible! Do you know the rules they have to abide by. Can you keep an eye out to see if they break any (they usually do because they think they are hidden). Then you could report them and have them removed.


    1. Now the squirrels need to find me again! I think the big trucks and so much noise will keep them away for a bit. The deer don’t seem to mind…which is very surprising.

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