What day is this and I’d rather be a cat.

Well, we’re moved in…for the most part. We started Wednesday and we no longer know what day it is, what sleep is and what a low level of stress is.

Oliver was a HUGE help…

He mopped up styrofoam.

Ollie was a BIG help


He made sure there was nothing hiding in dark places, except him.

Ollie hiding


He took a nap for the rest of us…FOR HOURS!

2 Ollie Asleep in the tunnels_edited-1



20 thoughts on “What day is this and I’d rather be a cat.

  1. They say it’s a dogs life but really it is the cat that has all the control. I hope Oliver hasn’t been to demanding about the renovations and settles in nicely. (Congratulations by the way!!!)


    1. Thanks, lol! Oliver has been very good at keeping his demands to a minimum. I was worried that a new home, strangers everywhere, appearing unexpectedly, might cause behavioral problems, but so far, so good.

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    1. I slept eleven hours last night! An additional four would have been nice, lol, but when someone is coming to hook up your stovetop, you get yourself out of bed, get yourself dressed and ready to answer the door!

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        1. It would help if I didn’t have a virus…going on day nine…but the deer are here, the birds are excited to see the feeder, so it makes the unpacking easier.

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