So close!!

I’ve been holding my breath for at least a week and the lack of oxygen is beginning to take a toll. Major stumbling blocks to our being able to move back home have been eliminated one by one by a committed project manager. He’s determined to have us moved in by October 31, and it’s likely to happen even sooner.

We’ve been away from “home” for ten months and we both have cabin fever now. 

Here’s a peek at my new studio, the new terrain the deer and wildlife will get to navigate outside my window and part of the screened in porch that will face the woods!

Our poor back yard

No more gently sloping backyard. By the time they’re finished outside my studio, I’ll be able to go downhill skiing.

I’ll now have a little patio outside of the studio that I can sit my favorite bird feeder on, with just enough space left for my metal “butterfly” chair if I want to sit outside for a bit.

My little patio


A corner of the screened in porch. Because we have a walkout basement now…it feels like being in a treehouse on this porch. It’s sooooo high up!

Screened in porch to woods


I’m sooooo excited to have such great big windows into the woods. Watch out wildlife, you can’t hide from me now!

The new studio


Behind the studio is a really little storage room where I can keep my equipment and shoe design embellishments AND our Christmas tree. No more hauling it up from the basement! 

Thanks for taking the tour with me and please keep your fingers crossed that we move back home SOON!!



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