I missed these guys!

One of my favorite things to do is to photograph the birds that come to visit my bird feeders.  Not having a house has kind of put a crimp in my fun, but I’ve continued to feed the birds far out in the yard on a feeding platform. I didn’t want them to forget to come for breakfast, lunch and dinner when the new house is done. We’re SO close, we could be moving  into the house in just a few weeks!!

Hard right turn WM

I will now do some bird mind-reading. The bird flying away is thinking “Good lord, I need to work out more, taking off is getting harder to deal with.” It’s like those videos of planes trying to land when suddenly, windshear makes them go sideways. It’s not commonly known, but this happens to birds most often on take off and if they haven’t been to the gym enough, it can be a very bad situation.


Sun Shine Bluejay WM

The bird in the center is thinking, “the sun is shining right through my wings and that bird with the peanut can see right THROUGH them! I should have worn a slip today!”  I know, you may not all get the joke, but ladies USED to wear slips when they were wearing skirts or dresses. The slip was to prevent too much being revealed if the sun shone through their skirt…like the shape of their legs, I guess. Also if a lady was more of a thief than a lady, they didn’t want the grocer to be able to see through their skirt and catch them sneaking cigarettes out of the store without paying for them.


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