King Mozzie

Mozz the King WM

This is Mozzie, he’s a standard poodle and a happy, happy dog with boundless energy. He belongs to my daughter and he’s devoted to his “mom”.

The robe you see on Mozz is actually his favorite blanket and he’s happy to wear it around the house, using his teeth to pull it back up on his shoulders if it starts to slip down.

Seeing that he loved his royal “robe”, I felt like I needed to contribute a crown for this King of our hearts.

This robe is only one of about four blankets he piles on top of his dog bed in a specific location in her living room. He is a blanket hoarder. You can never leave a blanket unattended, because if you do it becomes the property of Mozzie and he gets upset if your try to reclaim your item.

So now you’ve met a member of my extended family!


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    1. LOL, the cat wouldn’t have a blanket to call it’s own when Mozzie got done with them. (You have a very lucky cat!)


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