Three Ducks went shopping.

We three ducks_WM

I lied. Ducks don’t go shopping.

Ducks eat a lot of grass, swim a lot and occasionally quack.

I’ve got a few questions about them and no one seems to have the answers, if you do, please feel free to supply me with the information.

Do ducks get tired of eating grass? I know they eat yucky stuff in the water, but do they ever eat butter?

Do some ducks swim better than others? If they stink at swimming, do they have to get a paddling tutor? 

Do some ducks have a southern quack, others a midwestern quack, a Canadian quack?

Do ducks find the game Duck, Duck, Goose offensive?

I could go on with my questions, but now I’m starting to wonder about mini-horses.


18 thoughts on “Three Ducks went shopping.

  1. I love the effect of putting this trio on a white field. Sadly, I have no answers to your urgent questions. 🙂


  2. Ok, this is serious!! You are obviously lacking chocolate in your system. You’re starting to lose it woman!! Quick, drop whatever you are doing and gorge on chocolate now!!! We need to get your levels up. But seriously, you are friggin’ hilarious and always make me giggle. I love it!!


    1. Lol! I have cut back on my chocolate intake..I will find some IMMEDIATELY! I think I have some stored in a shoe somewhere.
      If I’m indirectly responsible for creating a giggle, I’m a happy girl!


    1. Oh! Daar heb ik nooit over nagedacht, maar als er drie samen zijn, heb je gelijk … er komt iemand bovenop.


    1. LOLOL! I wish I could find an outlet for the books I’d love to do…I have to admit, it would be fun!


  3. I’m not sure how much grass ducks eat, but I know widgeons like the roots of young grain plants, much to the frustration of the farmers. They also like to eat grain and seeds and small insects, without butter. Those are fine looking ducks in your picture. I do think they’d find the game, Duck, Duck, Goose offensive, but only if you couldn’t tell the difference between a duck and a goose, and believe me, there are people who don’t know the difference. Some don’t even know that there IS a difference.


    1. Now see, I’ve learned something I didn’t know. Widgeons don’t eat butter! Sometimes it’s scary how much people don’t know…I count myself as one of them of course.

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        1. I agree, the momma should stop to think about the fact that zoos don’t offer people cheesezies to feed the ducks. My goodness, they could choke on those things.

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