Tippy-tippy toe-tippy toe.

While visiting my son and daughter-in-law in Montana some time back, we went to the National Bison Range. The bison were all grouped up in one small area of the range, but out of nowhere, elk would pop up.WM 5404 Bull Elk

The scary thing about some of these elk is that they walk on their tiptoes. One minute they’re not there and the next minute…surprise!  Without using just their toes, how else could they sneak up so quietly? I admit, I’ve never seen them walking on tiptoe but that doesn’t mean they don’t. Just because we can’t SEE little green men walking amongst us, you wouldn’t deny their existence would you? I rest my case.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go take my invisible dog for a walk…anybody out there have chocolate? I think I might be a quart low…

WM Bull elk 5468

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  1. A few years ago visiting friend, in Wyoming I see him .He was there in the middle of the wood .I only can stand still and hoping he was going away very quickly.He was zo big and I was so afread.This story had a happy end


        1. I will post a few more images from another visit out there…a whole herd that time. My son has been very, very good at cautioning me about getting too close or out of the car.

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