I know I’m impressed.

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I went out to have a fun few hours of photographing birds at the rookery, but this caught my eye…A man with a flannel shirt tied around his waist. Seriously though, LOOK at that! What must that weigh? The camera alone is a heavy one, but add in the weight of all the other equipment involved…this boy has MUSCLES!

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Just look at his watch, which is not petite in any way, compared to the camera…Holy smoke!

Less than a week ago, I had around twenty injections in my back, this included numbing injections, and electrodes to burn eight nerve endings. I might be able to hold the strap of his camera. 





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    1. I agree, he’s strong for sure. You have my sympathy…when the back isn’t happy, it changes everything. Wishing you relief from whatever ails your back. Suzanne

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  1. It seems that photographer was using Nikon D810 and 600mm lens though, I don’t think he was a top gun (but more like a weekend photographer) — I met quite few top gun among the wild life photographers both in the mountain shelter in Japan and here around BBC = all of them looked rather dirty and carried even more impressive tripod. I hope you get well of your back soon.


    1. I was hoping someone might know what the camera was and lens too..I’m going to do a little research on the D810…it sure looks heavy…I wondered about the tripod…thanks for the info! I’m really hoping the back will be better, thanks for the well wishes.


  2. The shoulder strap on the entire assemblage is what really cracks me up. I can’t imagine that it’s balanced or would be easy to transport over one’s shoulder. Which leads to the main question…why is it there in the first place? Hope springs eternal?


  3. We all have lens envy; you have to remember that the eye of the photographer is just as important as the lens. I hope your back finds wellness soon.


    1. You’re absolutely right about the eye! I have 4-8 weeks before I should be seeing full results…it took me four days to get over the trauma of the treatment.

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