The mystery cook.

Some of you know that I’m temporarily living in an apartment. (They put insulation in the new house today….YAY!) I don’t really mind apartment living at all. There’s only ONE thing that is driving me a little crazy.

Somewhere in our end of the hallway, there lives a GREAT cook! Some days, I go about my business, eat dinner and am quite content.

Other days, I open the door to the hallway and someone is cooking…cooking a heavenly dish. The smells are fantastic and I get hunger pangs. I must find this person and beg for  their recipes, but who is the cook? I can’t pinpoint the apartment.

suite 300

I don’t think it’s this apartment, but I don’t know…young man, single I think…doesn’t strike me as the cooking type.

mystery smells

I don’t know who lives in this suite…the smells could be coming from in there. I may have to lay on the floor and put my nose up to the crack under the door.

The hallway

So many doors to sniff under. But if I find the cook, it will be SO worth it!


11 thoughts on “The mystery cook.

    1. I tiptoed up to one the other night when we were coming back to the apartment…and sniffed, I have officially eliminated four apartments so far. He who I was with, said that if anyone opened there door, “he’s never seen me before.”


  1. You are funny dear Angel! Do you know, in our culture (once upon a time) there was an habit in social life…. when someone cooked something nice and smelling, it was given to the neighbours too, in a small plate… Just for the smelling and tasting… And the plate never was given back empty, you should make something for this plate too… There is still some people doing this… especially in my city apartment, but in stead of porcelain plate they use paper plate now, so you don’t have to give back the plate and make something too… 🙂

    Thank you, Have a nice day, Love, nia


    1. I LIKE this idea very much! What a wonderful tradition that is…I just have to figure out who to give the plate to….I will get sniffing right away!

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