My birds eye view.

Soooooo, like many of you, we had a storm system pass though last night. From my current/temporary location I had a BIG view of the nasty storm moving into our area. As usual, I had to grab a camera. There was a ballgame going on right behind our building and let me tell you, people were running for their cars.

View to the West…

storm 3 DSC01827

View to the East.

Storm system 2 DSC01831


Ten minutes later, view to the West…

storm 4 not real sharp DSC01839


View to the East.

Storm system DSC01840



15 thoughts on “My birds eye view.

  1. Wow, fabulous shots! The lighting is insane. I’ve been a skywatcher all my life (comes with living on the Great Plains) but … umm … those are seriously dark skies!


    1. It blew and poured buckets! No hail thank goodness. We were getting warnings about every three minutes to be on alert…tornadoes spring from storms like that one.

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      1. We don’t get tornadoes on the west coast – at least not in our area – but we get some pretty fierce windstorms. I think tornadoes would be absolutely terrifying.


  2. Got caught on the edge of a thunderstorm while riding my bike yesterday. I skedaddled north, it kept moving east, and I was in sunshine by the time I got home. Didn’t really like hearing thunder all around, though. Didn’t see lightning, but obviously it was there. My companion stopped under a huge tree to do I-don’t-know-what. Yelled at him to get the heck out from under the stupid tree!


    1. I would have yelled at him too! One of the worst places to be! Glad you made it back safe and sound.


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