And there were windows…

Can you believe it, we have walls and an opening for a front door…AND WINDOWS!!

The windows on the right are the studio windows…this image is misleading, it’s not  a huge room, but the windows ARE big and there’s an opening for a door. I’ll be able to go right out the door to put out birdseed on a little patio.

I went out last week and spent a little while just leaning out the “window”, which is actually sitting on the floor on the left side of the second image. What did I see while I leaned out the window?…a turkey. 

I will not think about when the house might be done.

I will not think about when the house might be done.

I will not think about when the house might be done.


11 thoughts on “And there were windows…

    1. Thanks! We started working on the idea of rebuilding a year ago…I now we’ll get there, but…I’M SO IMPATIENT!


    1. Awwwww, thanks! I’ll keep posting a little from time to time. I’m going to try to get back to following blog posts. Things have been so hectic, but I think I’ve got myself about where I want to be on some things, so I’ll have a little more time.

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