The window cometh.

Once again, although not finished, I have a window into the woods!  I think I mentioned that we tore down our old house and are in the process of building a new, smaller one on the same property. How could we leave our woods??  It’s taken just short of a year to get here…permits, permits, permits. So, here’s a little peek, at long last, of the progress so far.


I couldn’t be present when our home was demolished, I wasn’t sure how I’d react…this was a little hard to take when I saw it, but…new adventures ahead.

Bare earth, ready for new house


Part of a house…an actual HOUSE!!

We have a floor!


Last but not least…

MY NEW WINDOW(S) INTO THE WOODS!!  Top floor, two closest windows, are my windows. Sooooooooooooooo excited!

new studio window

9 thoughts on “The window cometh.

  1. Guess I’ve been gone too long. Didn’t know you were doing this. Wow, what a huge undertaking. But those windows look fabulous!


    1. I sometimes wonder when we’ll ever get back into our home and when I’ll hear the birds sing again…but the windows will be worth waiting for!


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