I’m at it again.

The writing begins

I’ve dragged myself away from the shoe design that’s become somewhat of an obsession and today I opened up my box of notes for book #2.  It’s odd how the mood to write can disappear in a hurry and stay missing for such a long time.

Tomorrow…I start reading my notes and settling on one of three versions of the first chapter. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Wish me luck.

16 thoughts on “I’m at it again.

    1. If my mind isn’t in a calm place, no writing is going to happen. Building a house, pneumonia, losing our 16 year old dog, etc…not conducive to a calm mind.

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      1. Stress! I feel for you about your dog. We’ve gone through that a few times over the years and it always hurts. Things have got to start getting better for you.


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