Cat on a hot laptop.

0237 WM Olivers eye

You can’t see my laptop in this image can you?


Those of you with cats know how it goes…turn the computer on and out of nowhere the cat appears. He demands his rightful place on the keyboard. We negotiate, I clear him lots of nice space on my desk. No.

After I gently nudge him to the edge of the laptop ten times, he is offended when I restrict him to the floor. We’re both tired and frustrated. I will eat chocolate, he will have to make due with a bug he just found on the floor.

10 thoughts on “Cat on a hot laptop.

    1. Most definitely. I just went outside to watch a little fawn and before I had the door all the way closed, the cat zoomed out behind me. He’s not allowed outside, too many things that could hurt him are out there.


  1. Mine would like to destroy my laptop. He pushes right up against the fan vent because that’s absolutely the warmest spot. Trying to move him (aside from picking him up and giving a ten-foot heave ho) is sort of like trying to roll a flat log.


  2. If you really want your working desk cat-free, place the books kind on the edge of the desk, half hunging on the air = so that when cat try jump on the desk, the book will fall with cat, so the cat learned it’s not safe to jump and never try again. (Belive me, I used to live with NINE cats and raised 18 kittens ) 😀


  3. My cats used to rub on and nudge the pen when I was writing. Or they’d bat at the end of it because it was wiggling. But I know what you mean about them having to be right “in your face” when you’re trying to write, be it by pen or laptop. Chocolate will help you feel better.


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