19 thoughts on “Red,Red,Red

  1. Oh, my beloved cardinals!! How I miss them here in Colorado. But I guess somebody thought this place would be too perfect if we had cardinals.


            1. Yes. Our son told me last night that they had a good amount of precipitation during the winter and anticipated less fires this summer, but then they had what is called a ” flash drought.” He was coughing quite a lot and he told me the smoke is everywhere, the surrounding mountains aren’t visible. Couldn’t convince him to wear a face mask ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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              1. They said on the local news that wearing a mask can make it worse if you’re having breathing problems. I suppose it filters the smoke particles but it also restricts some of the airflow. Hard to know what to do. Today seems a bit better here and we’re still hoping for a few drops of rain. Thanks for the update on Montana.


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