The Stories We Could Tell

The stories we could tell (39 of 1)

I found these little shoes…forgotten…just after daybreak, at the beach.

Worn,torn,faded and dusted with sand, they’ve obviously covered lots of ground on the feet of their long-lost owner.

They’ve lost their golden luster but I find them enchanting. I look at them and wonder what their story is.

I imagine them with tiny dancing feet slipped into them.

I imagine them helping tiny feet chase the last of a wave as it races to leave the shore.

I imagine them toasty and warm from the warmth of the sun, wrapped around tiny feet and hugging them close.

I imagine them missing those tiny feet, now that they’ve gone and I imagine those tiny feet missing them.

I’ll put them in a tiny frame and keep them close, in honor of the stories they could tell.

14 thoughts on “The Stories We Could Tell

      1. It might have been a very short conversation, ending with the little girl getting a clip round the ear for not taking care of her shoes. I’m glad it wasn’t me that stole the shoes.


        1. I ended up taking them home, because the spot where they were left was being cleared out by the police. A storm was coming in and along with high winds, the place that they were sitting was going to get flooded. They would have either washed away or blown away. Eek, I feel terrible.


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