Does This Look Like 85? Not To Me Either.

The birthday girl

If you’ve ever wondered where I got my love of fun, this image might give you a clue.

My mother will be eighty-five this week. That’s what her birth certificate indicates.

There is NO possible way that the birth certificate is telling the truth. 

I am older than my mother is, I’m sure of it. You will never convince me otherwise.




30 thoughts on “Does This Look Like 85? Not To Me Either.

  1. Gee, Zannyro, You have an awful lot of nice blogger friends. What a lot of astonishing remarks! ! Your (very aged) Mom

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    1. lol, You’re right, there are a lot of nice blogger friends on here! Happy Birthday again, Max and Oliver said to send their birthday wishes too.
      Max said, “Happy Birthday Donnie, I look forward to laying under your chair and hoping for crumbs the next time we meet.”
      Oliver said,”Happy Birthday, “Laughing Person”. (Apparently he has decided that’s your Indian name.) You haven’t come over and admired my beauty lately, but I still want you to have a nice birthday. xxx


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