Shining A Light On Oliver

Oliver 5 (39 of 1)

Oliver 6 (39 of 1)

The dog has been sick for a week and Oliver has been very respectful of him. No stalking Max, no jumping on Max, no wrapping Max in a headlock. 

Occasionally Oliver passes the time hoping for an insect to be drawn to the light bulbs in our lamp. He will be so happy when Max is feeling better.

21 thoughts on “Shining A Light On Oliver

      1. Welcome dear Suzanne, I am glad to hear this, our Princess she is 16 and she has a kidney problem. Makes me worried. Thank you dear, Love, nia


        1. I can understand your worry, I didn’t sleep hardly at all for four days. We don’t want our “babies” to hurt or feel bad, do we? xo


  1. Your book sounds interesting and fun. I’ve got you on my list. Unfortunately, it is a VERY long list and I am terribly behind. Actually Garry and I are both really far behind and beginning to fear the arrival of books. Oh, and I love your cover.


    1. Thank you for your interest and I’m glad you like the cover! After making the shoe it took a fairly long photoshoot to get the image I wanted for the cover.Good for you two avid readers, no matter how far you are behind, lol!


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