Cheating with Photoshop

dsc_4309-line-dry-wmHello out there!

I am hoping that one of you, or more of you, can help me. I want to photoshop some images, perhaps put a hat on a giraffe, and I have watched youtube videos and tutorials and I still can’t figure it out.

I use a macbook Pro (mid-2012) with  10.11.6,   0S X El Capitan



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  1. Open your giraffe photo.
    Open your hat photo.
    Work on the hat photo first. Select just the hat. Probably the Quick Selection Tool is the easiest to use for just the hat. Make sure there’s nothing surrounding the hat that is selected. In other words, pictures are rectangles. Hats are not. So even if you have a picture of just a hat, don’t select any space surrounding the hat. Just the hat.
    Once the hat is selected, copy it.
    Now go to your giraffe photo.
    Paste the hat it.
    Select the Move Tool. Check the little box next to Show Transform Controls in the Tool Options Bar. If your Tool Options Bar isn’t showing, click on Windows, Options.
    Move the hat around to wherever you want it.

  2. Your layers is the key. Always work in layers. Don’t get discouraged. I’ve taken courses and worked with it for years. It is impossible to know everything about it and it changes constantly.

    1. Wow! Thank you for the info. Sounds like I’m in for an open ended learning experience, but that’s life in general, right? LOL! Thanks again. 🙂

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