A year ago? Maybe longer. I started dreaming about shoes, so often that it seemed like I was supposed to DO something about the dreams. So I did. I designed and embellished shoes that I fancied and turned them into pop art/crazy art.

best resolution ENGAGEMENT STILETTOS copy

best resolution mermaid stiletto 1044 READY FOR CALANDER Mermaid Stilettos (39 of 1)_edited-1 copy

best resolution powder puff stilettos (39 of 1) copy

best resolution pink feather stilettosjpg_edited-2 copy

best resolution multi bling Bow Stilettos_ copy

Yes…there are more. Yes…it took FOREVER!

(Now I’m dreaming about squirrels in dresses.)

11 thoughts on “THE SHOE DREAMS.”

  1. Growing up in the shoe business my father adored, I’m always intrigued by unusual shoes. It’s been many years since I worked in the shoe store all day and went to sleep only to see oodles of shoes in my sleep. Boxes everywhere empty of their shoes which were tossed all over the place, sizes and designs all mixed up. I had to match them and put away all the boxes in the right places. My dreams were not as pretty as yours.

    1. What a wonderful story! Dreaming about shoes after you worked with them all day…exhausting! Thank you for the nice compliment πŸ™‚

  2. WOW! I loved them, but I really really wonder Squirrel’s dress… I can’t imagine, please share with us πŸ™‚ Thank you, Love, nia

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