Three weeks without the internet.

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So what happens when a mouse, or mice possibly chew on the phone lines? You lose your internet. What happens when the phone lines that the mouse, or mice dined on is in a wall that you can’t access? Don’t ask.

Part of the time I waited a week for the repairman to come. He came, said “I can’t fix it and he left”.

I had to leave for Florida, so the next repair attempt would have to wait.

On the plus side, I still had a working camera.

23 thoughts on “Three weeks without the internet.”

    1. First of all, thank you 🙂 I did find myself being more physically active it made me realize how HUGGGE a part of my life it has become. Good thing? Bad thing?

  1. Can’t you use the net phone connection ? It’s not as fast as a land line broad band still, it works.
    In fact in the most of those over 10 years I’ve been using provider’s dongle or SIM card. (and it’s the ceapest too)

    1. The first week, I would go to my daughter’s house for a bit. I like your suggestions, that just may be the solution next time!

      1. Ather solution would be to ask your phone co, to instale a Wi-fi router where
        the phone cable came in to the house. Then you can use all of your net gear connected
        to the same channel and one paying bill.

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