10 thoughts on “Good riddance, last night.”

    1. The wind, unnerving. I was tempted to take a video of the trees in the woods yesterday, it was still blowing like crazy. The trees, normally absolutely immovable were swaying baaaaccckkk and forthhhh, baaaacckkk and forthhhhh.

    1. I was awake the entire night and was really dragging yesterday. The wind howled all day again yesterday…crazy strong. The tornado thing is frightening, they can come up on you out of nowhere. I stay very close to the basement door, with Oliver in his cat carrier and Max cuddled up against me. Hubby always says, “let me know” and goes to bed. He likes to live dangerously.

      1. That would be very scary. We have big fir trees near our house and I worry about them falling on us some windy night, but the kind of winds you get would have me setting up camp in the cellar.

        1. We’re surrounded by trees and every so often a big one comes down, fortunately in the woods. A big one did fall across the road at the end of our driveway and two cars narrowly avoided being crushed. I have TOTAL respect for storm warnings, watches,and tornado watches and warnings.

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