I Love A Fur Coat, But It Depends On Who’s Wearing It.


Tossed a glance out the window one morning


And what did my wondering eyes see? Certainly not Santa Claus.


A young bobcat, perhaps only twenty ? Thirty?,feet from our door. It played with a flying grasshopper for a moment and then jumped into some bushes at the base of a palm tree. 



12 thoughts on “I Love A Fur Coat, But It Depends On Who’s Wearing It.

  1. We have had several bobcats living here, but of course, only one at a time. They are so very territorial. I had one take up residence in my tepee … and other drop down next to me on my deck (she came over the roof) … and then go a hunting in the back woods. Ours have gotten very comfortable around our dogs and people. They aren’t afraid of us at all.


    1. I know! I was so thrilled to actually be looking at one…I don’t know how I managed to think to run for the camera. I put it on twitter and it’s been in the paper twice!


  2. WOW! are the bobcats dangerous?… ah yes I learned that they are very dangerous to small furry woodland creatures. Dear Suzanne, I hope your little friends in your home, they are in safe. First of all I thought that it was a cat, a cat visitor 🙂 I am glad you are behind the window… Thank you, Love, nia


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