In the not so distant past, the following conversation took place.


“Did you watch that weather report last night? They said it’s going to get really cold soon, and then it will get pretty warm. Frozen rain is supposed to fall from the sky and the wind could blow so hard that it might blow our houses down. Oh I forgot, then it’s going to get warm and then the very next day, frozen rain will fall out of the sky again. Have you ever heard anything so hilarious? Those weather people just crack me up.”

9 thoughts on “THE THRILL OF IT ALL.”

  1. It has been a roller coaster ride with the weather here as well. I have to go outside every day just to feel the weather so I can come back in and dress accordingly. At least the squirrels have all weather attire.

    1. Ha! You’re right about the dressing part of the equation…I start out in a coat and end up burning up or put on a jacket and worry about hypothermia.

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