I’ve never seen the big sycamore at the end of our driveway spotlighted like this before. Normally it’s pitch black along the road…it can creep a person out if the deer are moving through the woods.

At the top of this image you can see that there were clouds in the sky, they covered the moon and then revealed it, time and time again. What you can’t see is that the  clouds were screaming across the sky, moving at forty-one miles an hour.  The woods were howling and the power was out…where was the light coming from?


The fire truck parked in the middle of the road.


We had been listening to the wind, when almost simultaneously, we heard a  loud BOOM and saw a bright white light shoot way into the woods. We also found ourselves sitting in the dark.

Long story short, the branches of this huge tree brushed the power lines across the street and the circuit breakers on a telephone pole popped…or as I called it, “exploded.”

Prior to the fireman and police officers getting here, we grabbed our powerful flashlights and waved them madly whenever we saw headlights come over the hill from either direction.We also made sure we stayed out from under the trees, well I did…hubby needed a lot of vocal encouragement from me to, “MOVE OUT FROM UNDER THE TREES!”

Two cars were very lucky, they came over the hill JUST after the tree came down. A few seconds either way and we could have found a car under the tree when we got to the end of the driveway.

My hat is off to those firemen…they had the road cleared in no time…they cut and then lifted those HUGE sections of tree and then, shouldering their chainsaws, they marched back to their truck and went off to the next rescue.

(My apologies for the grainy images…I used my phone, didn’t have the right setting selected, my hands were freezing…the dog ate my homework.)

29 thoughts on “TO THE RESCUE

  1. Those first two photos look like great book covers for a mystery novel. Or perhaps a film poster for a mystery film. I’m glad no one was hurt. You certainly have a lot going on through that window of yours.


  2. “Light on the tree” photo is intriguing, the graininess just adds to the chaotic/mysterious quality of it. I would have thought you did it on purpose (instagram or the like) if you hadn’t complained that it wasn’t perfect LOL!


    1. I was surprised by how quickly they were able to come…I heard another tree make a big cracking sound and kept yelling to hubby to keep an eye on that area. I stayed up too late last night because we had a warning that forty-five mile an hour winds were headed our way, but they never materialized. Thank Goodness!!!

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        1. I’m sure you’ve had many days and nights of “dancing trees”, when the wind is blowing hard. Our dog can’t even hear that well anymore, but he’s very nervous when it’s windy.

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  3. Oh my dear, this is so sad. But I am so glad to hear that you are all fine. The weather conditions are strange in everywhere, in here we had storm too. Dear Suzanne, maybe you haven’t noticed yet, but I changed my blog to private and I sent an invitations to all my blogger friends. I sent it to you too. But you probably missed them. Be sure, I would be so happy to see you as before, please make a request for being my visitor as before. Thank you, Love, be in safe, nia


          1. Dear Suzanne, I pray for our countries… In there and in here, seems that there would be some changes and to be honest made me worried and afraid. Yes, not same things but it is all about our countries… They are going to change the system, step by step we come to the end, I mean, in the new system there will be one man!!!!! He will decide, make, want,…etc. In the parlamento they are trying to make the others to accept this new situation. Democracy will be a dream… I am an old one and I can’t wait a new life… but our children, the future… I pray dear Suzanne. Love you so much, nia


            1. I understand so well, Elf of the World. I am so sad and stunned that this country is in the situation it is in. Almost three million more people wanted Hillary Clinton as our President and yet, “He”, will be it. He flaunts our constitution, ridicules the weak, believes only in himself and seeks only to make himself richer. He is a threat to the peace of this world when he shoots his mouth off without knowing at all what he’s talking about. How could such an man inhabit the White House? The White House, where Abraham Lincoln made difficult, impossible decisions so that men and women could be free. Where men who FOUNDED this country walked the hallways and made this country great…a shining star. And now ugliness and hate and intolerance will enter into OUR house and for that I will weep. What would our great leaders of the past think of us? Their hearts would be shattered and sickened…in the blink of an eye, the honor and grace crumbles away and we are left among the ruins. I pray too, my friend. I pray too.

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              1. Dear Suzanne, these are all same for ours, can you believe this yesterday a member of parliament (woman), they wanted to stop her talking and taking pictures by using violence!!!!! Nobody seems happy in here and we don’t trust to the future. God be with all of us, world is not what we dream, anymore… Love, nia


                1. People who protested at Trump rally’s were treated much the same, one man was attacked and Trump said he would pay the attackers legal fees! God be with you my friend…Love, Suzanne


  4. Good job helping out my friend, and I’m glad you stayed safe. Mother Nature lost her mind here last night too. We had a snowstorm, then freezing rain, then rain, and finally a 5 hour power outage :(. Is it summer yet??


    1. She DIDfreak out on you guys! Summer can’t get here soon enough…this is just crazy.. we have thunderstorms on the way tonight and temps in the 50’s next week!


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