Did you know that squirrels sometimes practice “deceptive caching”?

Deceptive caching is when a squirrel digs a hole and makes a big show of “burying” the nut, but in fact doesn’t.

My question…how does it hide the nut and where does it hide the nut, when it runs off pretending the nut has been buried?  

If anyone knows the answer to that, please inform me. I have candy bars I’d like to deceptively cache.

26 thoughts on “OOOOH…CLEVER SQUIRRELS.”

  1. Squirrels…hmmmm, I don’t have any idea about them, I am watching your photographs and reading your stories, means I am learning from you, 🙂 and you know I dream to have squirrels in our garden too. Thank you, Love, nia

  2. maybe they are related to the possum…pretending to do something we think they are. make sense i hope.

  3. Squirrels are so clever. But I do wonder if they ever find all the nuts they hide. They must find a good portion of them or the behavior would have disappeared.

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  5. You’ve been keeping a close eye on your squirrely friends. Did you consider that they might have found it too hard to dig in the frozen ground, or maybe they just changed their mind? After several failed attempts, it’s no wonder they can’t remember where they ended up parking the nuts. Reminds me of a time I parked my van in Vancouver. I shopped all day and then couldn’t remember which parking lot I buried the van in. (I’m not a city girl.)

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