Catnipcious is a real thing. (No it isn’t.)

It is described as a condition wherein a cat has ingested so much catnip, that it goes into a state of acute consciousness. In this hyper aware state, it has been reported, some cats have attempted to hypnotize their owners. If successful, the car keys have been taken and a cat joyride ends in multiple arrests.

Guess where the owner spends the night? In a jail cell, still hypnotized and acting like a chicken flapping it’s wings. 

Catnipcious…one of the most frightening conditions known to man.



    1. He is mostly Maine Coon according to our vet. Our son bought him from the SPCA and loved his ears…son moved for job, we are Oliver’s grandparents. I should post a video someday of him jumping through a hoop, sitting and staying. One smart kitty.

  1. I seem to have a knack for adopting cats unaffected by catnip. I sprinkle some here or there and wait for a show … zip, zero, nada. Of course, knowing cats, they’re just waiting for me to leave so they can go nuts.

  2. I used to have a big catnip plant growing in my garden years ago when I had two cats (who were brothers). They both liked to sit under the catnip shrub and take a nibble of the plant now and then. Once in a while I saw one of them do a spontaneous back flip and then rub his neck on the plant over and over.
    Oliver looks very handsome in this photo.

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