dark-starThis image was initially completely black, but the darkness has lifted just a bit due to the kindness of many hearts and I replaced it with a slightly less dark image. I know that the stars are still in the heavens, some of you have been so kind and pointed this out to me. 

This is my last post for a while. I am ashamed of my country. Heartsick. Embarrassed about what this country has shown itself to be and afraid for our freedom. I haven’t given up on all of you…you are blessings and evidence of the goodness in the hearts of so many.

To all of you, I wish you peace and love and I thank you so much for spending time with me and the creatures of the woodland. 

I have heard you my friends, this was supposed to be my final post. The reminders that nature is a gift to be shared will bring me back here in time. 

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    1. I am so grateful for the support I’ve gotten from friends like you 🙂 I will be back…you’ve made me feel like the blog serves a purpose and I thank you.

  1. I feel your pain. It is good for me to know others are devastated over the results of this election. I am boycotting Facebook, Twitter, local and national news media. I simply can’t take anymore. I was so emotionally invested in this campaign, and I still am in disbelief that this country elected He Who Shall Not Be Named. I don’t even know what this country represents anymore. Hopefully over time you and I will rediscover optimism and hope.

    1. I’m glad that you realize that you’re not alone in your feelings. I too am staying away from Social media and the news. The wonderful people that I hear from on the blog have been so encouraging and that has helped. I didn’t cry today…that’s something. I don’t think people understand what they’ve done. I asked my husband last night, where do I live???
      I have felt lost and mourn the loss of the country that I thought I lived in. How could there be so many who celebrate hate, intolerance and on and on and on. How can there be so many that are willing to make excuses for outrageous disgraceful behavior. Character MATTERS!
      My daughter and son and others their age feel afraid, afraid that women are fair game, that we may experience a nuclear war, etc. etc. I feel the same things.
      I know so many will say that is a gross exaggeration…this person that will be our President has threatened to, “bomb the hell out of them.” What do these people think the receiver of the bombings will do to us as a response? There won’t be much of a reason to build a wall if we’re too busy trying to survive nuclear attacks.
      Despite the promises, we are part of the global community. We’re all connected, there is NO way to isolate ourselves.
      I understand the great desire for change…but you DON’T start at the top…you don’t throw out everything this country has ever stood for. You build at a grassroots level, research the candidates, see that good people get elected. You don’t throw your future and the future of your grand-children, great-grandchildren down the toilet because you’re, (excuse me), pissed off.
      The day is not over…the tears are trying to dominate. Taking the advice of all the good people that have written to me, I’m spending time watching the birds. I watch the clouds brush the sky with their tender touch. I remind myself, there are things that are so much bigger than we are. Wonderful things that need our protection and attention and make my plans to fight for them. All the hate makes me determined to let my love for the beautiful grow bigger and bigger in my heart until the shock of the hate goes away. Cindy, hold on with me and we’ll reach for that optimism and hope.

  2. Your lovely posts are going to be needed to prove that there are any number of lovely people in your country — not to mention the glorious wildlife which couldn’t give a hoot (apart from the owls) as to who is in power.

    1. A lovely blogger friend, Reggie, told me of something her mother used to say. “She said that everything has energy in it; the choice is up to us to feel the positivity or the negativity in any given situation.”
      When I get a little more energy built back up…I will take your advice and try to let people know that so many of us are nothing, nothing,nothing like the ideology that has been elected. Never have been, never will be.
      Thank you for your kind words my friend.

  3. Trump was the choice of only 25% of the potential voters of the United States. That can be seen as a dismal choice, but it is not likely a reflection of what the majority of Americans feel their core values are! I believe Trump was chosen despite his personality, not because of it…
    The more important question is, how does the rest of the country help the 25% of the country that are watching their children fall down the economic ladder or have lost faith in big government!

  4. Nope, nope, nope – not acceptable :). I know you feel that there is no hope, but you are my happy and very funny bogging buddy, and I promise you that your laughter will help you make it through, and your blog posts will definitely help others as they always do. The world has not ended, and although there may be some rough patches ahead, you have to try and think positively. Go out for a romp with your squirrell friends out in the stunning nature that surrounds your home, breathe in the fresh air, look around you and think about what is truly important in your life. There! Lecture over :).

    1. Thank you for the lecture. I just came in from spending an hour outside. As always, I “got a sign”…a buck with a huggggge rack ambled through the front of our property and the birds visited the feeder even though I was four feet away from it. I am definitely thinking about what is important in my life. My adult kids are starting to feel a little better, so that will help me too. Being a very sensitive person is not always a good thing.
      I’m going to try very hard to tap into the part of me that loves to make people smile. I’m so glad that you are a part of my life and you have helped me today. That is something wonderful about yourself that you should celebrate. 🙂

    1. Thanks Frank…I needed some dancing cows today. Thank also for the words of encouragement…I won’t lower my standards…I have you wonderful people to prop me up for a day or so.

  5. I am sorry you want to give up on us all. We who are left and who have hope must communicate with each other. By 2020 the world will have lost 2/3 of its animals. If there is a god we need a biblical flood or something to get rid of most of humanity. Trump is just one symptom of the huge problem. This is a depressing day.

    1. We share a heavy heart. I don’t want to give up on you all. The realization that so many accept a dark “light” has been devastating and knocked me down. Reading comments like yours and others help me a bit and I will take a pause and appreciate the animals that fill my life here. My thoughts are with you.

  6. Dear Suzanne, I understand completely how you feel. It’s just that it makes me sad to hear that you choose to hide your light now, but I honor your decision. We need more light in this world than ever in our known history. I just ask God to bless you and put it in your heart to press on with sharing your gifts with all of us when you’re ready to do so. Much love to you and your window into the woods.

    1. Thank you Reggie. It has been hard on my heart to hear my daughter cry and that my future daughter-in-law woke up and cried for an hour and a half.They are afraid of what this will do to their future and despair the condoning of disrespect for women, disabled, those of different color, etc. I have no words that can encourage them.
      I’m going to get dressed, wipe off the tears and sit outside, watch the woods and try to take light from the sunshine to replace the one that has disappeared in my heart. I am going to read your words and the words of others who have written and use them for strength. It’s been helpful to hear from the loving in the world. Thank you my friend, from the bottom of my heart.

      I sent your book and I hope that you will get it soon.

      1. I have such faith that you will find ways to be a shining beacon for your family. I know you will. It’s what we do as women. Sometimes we are stronger than we give ourselves credit for. We are the nurterers, smiling when we want to scream, laughing when we want to cry, worrying when we just want peace, scared when we just want to be joyful. I certainly don’t enjoy being born into a patriarchal society and yet I know that the women of today and our future generations of women can be a huge force for good, not only in our country but around the globe. Many may not agree (and that’s OK) but I believe it’s why we’re here in this time in history. And, yes, take in that sunshine. Let nature heal your heart. It’s a process. When we heal ourselves, we heal each other. Maybe this whole situation took place so that we can. My Mom used to tell me that in every adversity there is opportunity for growth. She also said that everything has energy in it; the choice is up to us to feel the positivity or the negativity in any given situation. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve remembered her words. And I’ve passed them on to my kids. When she passed, I scattered some of her cremains at the base of a Leeland Cypress tree that hubby had planted for my birthday over a year ago. This particular tree is supposed to grow about a foot per year and it was five feet tall when he planted it. It is now 12 feet tall and about 8 feet wide. I have no doubt that Mom has lent some of her wondrous energy to that tree. And when hubby finished the planting, I looked at it and named it Grace.

        Grace and peace to you, my friend.

        1. Such beautiful words. Grace is your gift from God, and your mama. If I may, I will rest a little beside Grace and then tell her story to my children.In fact, there is a tall, tall sycamore tree at the edge of the woods that I have always loved. “Mama” the three legged deer used to rest under it…in the daytime…in the moonlight. May I name this tree Grace?
          Your mother was right, “everything has energy in it.” My daughter said she is talking to her friends to see what they can get involved in to improve our lives. I’m going to do more to help animal conservation and environmental causes. Now is the time.
          Thank you so much my friend. xxx

          1. I’ll be there with you in spirit by your Sycamore tree…Grace. There’s a super moon of super moons on Monday. I hope you dance under it’s magical light. I’ll be in CA with my daughter. We plan on dancing and howling 😁 I know you will all find ways to become uplifted in whatever you choose to do that helps people, animals and our beloved planet. Rock on, mighty warrior! XOXOX

  7. If you stop blogging, it only makes things worse. I would really miss your wonderful photos that I’ve looked forward to in the past. I need my “birds and animals” fix!

    1. Thank you Anneli. Perhaps when I get enough distance from this, I can try again. It’s been very hard to hear about the women, young and old, who woke up this morning and sobbed and cried. My future daughter-in-law, my daughter, these young women believe that they have just been put back into “second class citizen” status…I have no words to reassure them with.

  8. Suzanne, for the first time ever, I can’t like your post…any more than I can like what happened last night. I understand how you feel. I think everyone world wide is in shock and mourning for our American friends. We are also terrified. It would be a shame to lose your “window” that you have shared with us. It has often brightened my day, made me laugh, made me cry and provided me with someone I consider to be a friend. I hope you will consider just pulling the blinds for a bit and not closing the window altogether. You and your joy will be missed.

    1. Maybe pulling the shades is the way to go. You have been so kind and I consider you a friend also, maybe sitting with the squirrels and the birds for a time will be healing.

  9. My Dearest Suzanne, I can almost understand you and I am so sad too. I didn’t expect this result. But yes, at the end this is the result. Please, don’t leave us, you know how you make me/us happy with your amazing blogging world. I can understand you, for now you can’t find energy for blogging, but please hope and positivity, they should be always, take a break but don’t leave us. Think of me, I am not happy too in my geography, and sometimes I stop, I can’t talk, etc. But I am here… I am here,… please be here… don’t go away… days will be gong on… and we don’t know what would be next. Good Luck for you and for America, my heart with you always, my lovely Angel. Thank you, Love, nia

    1. I sit here and cry, your words are so special. I have thought of you and your situation many times in the last twenty-four hours and realize how strong you are. Despite the terrible things that have sometimes happened around you, you still point your heart to the cats, the birds, the beautiful sky and the beauty around you. I will take some time to hopefully get my heart in the right place and be more like you. Many months ago, when things were bad for you in Istanbul, I made a little drawing for you…I just never finished the color of it. I will work on that for now and come back and bring it with me for you.

      1. Dear Suzanne, I am at my desk, cried now. Yes, we share so many things on this blogging world, sometimes, we feel the things that we don’t know, we don’t see,… this is amazing connection. Because of our souls, because of our hearts… You know how much I love you. You are very special friend, I feel your sadness… The climate different, culture different, problems different even system different but we seem in the same situation. I watched a film last ight there was a quote from ancient times, “Freedom is happiness, Happiness is a beautiful soul.”… Freedom, and peace and law… these are important for us, for me… We are in silence… every day I ask what will be… and how will it be changed and stopped… I hope, I wish and pray… There is nothing to do… No one can do anything! Even journalists they have been all stopped. But your country is a big and powerful and I am sure, nothng will be bad as you thought,… the system in your country is very strong and nothing could be changed. Think positive points… Yes, it would have been so nice if she won. Please motive yourself, don’t accept that you lost… It’s begining now… We don’t know what would be next. Everything will be fine… if you try to think like that, you can call all positive things… we believe this. I hope tomorrow you will feel better… Everything can change, but our life, our life time, it is precious and doesn’t wait for us, and no one stop the t,me for us… Love, much love, nia

        1. I love you too. Your words have me crying again, you have so much wisdom and express it so well. I pray that you are right and that things are not as bad as they seem, that our system is strong enough, but we never thought that so many would embrace hate. I guess we have lived in a little bubble. I have been naive. You are right, no one stops time and I’ve advised my son and daughter to focus on the ones they love and the little bits and pieces of their lives that they live every day.
          You are a beautiful soul and your friendship means the world to me.
          Love you nia, Suzanne

          1. My dearest Angel 🙂 I can’t imagine to be there, for example your neighbour 🙂 we two women crying together… No, not exactly, probably I would have steal your squirrels to my garden 🙂 and you would be so angry with me! S m i l e… Thank you, Love, nia

            1. 🙂 You are definitely the Elf of the World. Stealing my squirrels to your garden…I would not be angry, they would be going to a good home. xoxo

  10. I know how you feel. I haven’t been able to post my blog this morning – I’m just too upset and heartbroken. But with all the hate and turmoil in the world, we need a little beauty of nature. Your blog provides a little respite from the insanity. I do hope you will reconsider and keep posting. I look forward to all your little creatures. They make me happy.

    1. You are reminding me of what I’ve heard in the past from people about nature. I forget that I live in a somewhat unique situation/location. It has been so hard to hear that my daughter and also my future daughter -in-law woke up crying, young women who are afraid for their futures in a world where some men have gotten permission to continue controlling their future. My daughter shares a common wall with an elderly woman and she heard this sweet woman crying and sobbing through the wall this morning.
      Once I can tell my heart to stop racing and mourning, I will spend time with the animals and come back to spread the beauty in their little hearts. xo

  11. Not just sad…but totally unbelievable. Now he will secure folk in with soft talk …but the social damage has been done. Having gone through a similar disaster here in the UK I do know how you feel deep inside but please don’t walk away from trying to spread goodwill and understanding which is what I guess all bloggers do in what is generally a none political surroundings….As sad as todays events are it would make them even sadder if you drop out

    1. Thank you David. It helps to know that people understand how I feel. It is such a wound to the heart to realize how many people here don’t care for others and don’t understand what the consequences of their vote could be. How do I deal with the death of my faith in my country? Why did people want to go from being a beacon of hope, to a torch of rage?
      I am going to take this day of sun and sit with the birds, listen to their call and the whisper of the trees and try to find my way back. Thank you for being such a friend.

      1. We are still trying to come to terms with our July fiasco. Lies were told, and even now they are exposed there is denial by some that they were lied to. I have never ever known us as a country of racial hatred but now too many openly express such hateful views. The realisation that Brexit is going to happen and the enormity of the decision and actions to be taken is now sinking in and many are having 2nd thoughts…..but the problem now is that those who were the most bigoted or vocal haven’t the face to admit they were wrong. Whilst verbal tension has calmed and the distraction is how we make the best of an exit from the EU there appears to be a degree of normality occurring. The only positive in my view is that there is a slow growing acceptance by our politicians that the so called Austerity Policy has not worked, was divisive and negative in it ability to improve an economy. We hope

        1. The lying. When confronted with video and audio of the lies, people either didn’t care or there was angry denial. This is part of what causes my feeling of hopelessness. Facts are not facts. Truth is not truth. There IS right and wrong and some things are just not defensible or acceptable.
          The amount of hatred is so unexpected, I have heard over and over that people are now afraid of coworkers and I’ve been asked by young adults if dissenters will be rounded up! Where do I live???

          1. I share those same frustrations and fears….You know the truth and you have to believe in your own judgement. We are no longer arguing with folk who are obviously so entrenched in attitude but just get along quietly living our lives. Even though people feel as if they have been conned they but a brave face on and try and justify the wrong….and there is no reasoning that they will accept, so don’t add to you anxiety by trying.

            1. Early on in this election year, I heard a woman being interviewed on television, a psychologist and she said that these positions that we take regarding candidates and party, acceptable, not acceptable are rooted in our DNA and cannot be changed. I have always backed away from trying to change someone’s mind…it’s just like when someone has fallen in love…all the signs are there that it will be a “train wreck”, but you will never convince them of that.

  12. It’s a sad day for America. My foreign friends were messing me telling me how sacred the world is. My French friend says she is more worried about their elections next year. Racism is on the rise and they worry a Trump win will make it grow more there.

    Don’t stop blogging though. I know how you feel.

    1. Thank you. In time, I hope that I will feel like blogging again..with the support from people like you…maybe it will not be too long.
      I’m afraid that we’re entering a very dark time. Everything that we are supposed to be about is being damaged by hate.
      Why can’t people live their lives and let others do the same?

          1. I’m giving myself today to mourn.My other liberal friends are right – don’t move to Canada. We have been trying to figure that one out for months. We all have to band together and fight back when we are ready. Get the mourning over first. We really did loose a lot today.

            1. I was thinking more New Zealand. Sitting with the birds and watching a big buck meander across the property helped yesterday, for a time. You know I’ll be out there with them again today.

    1. Well now you made me cry. I just told my son the same thing, but I’m having a tough time. I appreciate your words so much. Maybe the view from my window is getting more gray than black.

            1. That’s what I thought you meant 🙂 You didn’t over step…it’s nice to be appreciated. Maybe with some time, the animals in the woods will “heal” me and I’ll be able to come back. Thank you so much for your encouragement and for visiting the blog. xxxx

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