Today I decided to share some images of dew drops on rose bush leaves that I took with my new point and shoot camera. The Canon PowerShot SX720 HS is awesome!


I didn’t use a tripod on these images, so I’m really surprised at the clarity. 


I’m very excited about “traveling light” in the near future and finding out just what this little powerhouse camera can do.

25 thoughts on “I LOVE THIS CAMERA!

  1. Hi Zannyro. I can see why you like this camera’s results. I am looking for a pocket camera for those times when you have to travel lite,etc. So will be interested to see and hear how you get on after a few weeks of regular use. In particular how you find not having a viewfinder for those sunny days.


  2. Congratulations. Have fun! It’s amazing how far compact camera technology has come during the past few years. I rarely take my big rig unless it’s a very serious shoot. That looks really sharp!


    1. Thank you Edith. It’s a little galling to realize that this camera can replace one of my favorites, but, that’s just the way it is anymore.


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